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Are You Being Coached or Baby-Sat?

Are You Being Coached or Baby-Sat?

Fact ------- More than 80% of CrossFit Coaches, Personal Trainers and Fitness Leaders ARE HIGHLY UNQUALIFIED and LIKELY TO LEAD YOU IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

A surprising statistic that may have you scratching your head. You may have thought that all coaches in our profession were highly qualified as they hold these important positions and literally lead you down your fitness journey. Unfortunately this is more often than not the exact opposite of the truth.

Requirements to be a Coach or Personal Trainer Below…


That’s right, there are literally zero legal requirements on training, certification, education, insurance, etc to be a coach or personal trainer. You could wake up one day, quit your desk job, and decide to lead 200+ members to their fitness goals without a single second of training in any aspect of exercise science, nutrition, psychology, strength & conditioning, anatomy or any other aspect of fitness. THAT SHOULD TERRIFY YOU.

We live in a fitness world run by business men and women that are solely focused on generating income for themselves first and everything else is a side thought. Many gyms have NO full-time, career coaches and will simply fill the hours needed with part timers, stay at home moms/dads, and recent gym members that have expressed interest in trading their membership fee and are fairly social. Most of the time, these coaches are essentially baby-sitters as they have no productive input on technique or otherwise, knowledge on energy systems, understanding of training purpose or ability to scale/modify workouts appropriately. These types of “coaches” are simply facilitators trying to entertain you for an hour to hide the fact they have no idea what they are talking about. THESE COACHES IMPED YOUR ABILITY TO GROW AND WILL LIKELY GET YOU INJURED.

How to tell an intelligent coach from a bad coach you should run from...

Ask your coach what they studied in college and/or why they are qualified to coach

  • Look for calm and/or proud answers about degrees/certifications that indicate years spent learning about the mind, body and its mechanics.

  • Be afraid of defensive answers about how long they have been working out (which means absolutely nothing) or how much they care about members (which also means nothing in terms of ability to coach)

Occasionally ask your coach what the purpose of the days workout is.

  • Answers should be well informed and include things like muscle group focus, energy system used, ideal time frame and intended stimulus.

  • Be afraid of those coaches that constantly just say that the purpose is to “Go Hard” during the workout or that the workout is just going to crush you.

Quickly reflect on workouts afterwards and see if you actually learned something new or received feedback of any kind about technique, pacing or training stimulus.

  • Good Coaches will be able to get around to helping improve your technique in at least 1 movement each day. Additionally, they will likely be able to help you negotiate a workout in order to hit the intended stimulus.

  • Bad Coaches will baby-sit by just hollering “keep going” or smile and say “your doing great” as they stroll by you. No actually changes are made, your technique stays the same and any scaling/modifying decisions made will have a 50/50 shot of actually helping your improve in any way.

Track your coach’s hands, phone and general activity around the room

  • Good coaches always have free hands to demonstrate movements, help correct form and are not constantly checking their phones/social media. Additionally, they should be constantly circling the room, checking technique from different angles and interacting with everyone.

  • Bad coaches eat during class, play with their phones (AKA not pay attention), and will often sit in one or two spots throughout class offering only 1 view of you and your technique.

You may love your gym environment, classmates and ease of access, but at the end of the day your paying a premium to have experienced, PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED coaches leading your classes. You can get 24/7 gym membership for $20 a month and workout with your friends anywhere. What you are really paying for is the knowledge your coaches spent tens of thousands of dollars on in college, certifications they obtained, experiences they have gone through and their ability to pass that on to you.



Come try us out and see what are truly professional coaching staff looks like and experience the difference.